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On Friday we posted a notice about increased ATM and debit card fraudulent activity in Lincoln County and surrounding area. We have confirmed that there were skimmers placed at three ATMs in Conover, Lincolnton, and Stanley at some point between February and May. We have also confirmed that the 18 Members CU members who reported fraudulent withdrawals did use their Members CU VISA Debit/ATM card at one of the three ATMs with skimming devices during this time period. Members CU does not own these ATMs and our members were not the only credit union members or bank customers who fell victim to the ATM skimming fraud associated with these ATMs.
The VISA Debit and ATM card information was obtained externally on a third party ATM not owned or operated by Members Credit Union. We are confident that our members’ account information is secure and that the debit and ATM card information was not compromised through our internal system.  Every Members CU member who was a victim of card skimming has been fully reimbursed.
If you suspect there are fraudulent withdrawals from your account, please contact our card services department at 800-951-8000, ext. 268.

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