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Around the Memorial Day weekend, 18 Members CU members had their Debit Card and ATM Card information stolen through skimming devices that were installed on 3 ATMs not owned by Members CU. These ATMs were located in and around the Lincoln County area. In light of this event, it’s important to understand how skimming devices work and how you can protect your Debit and ATM Card information.
Card skimming happens when a card skimming device is installed on an ATM by defrauders. These devices copy your card information from the magnetic strip and a hidden camera records your PIN as you type it on the keypad. These skimming devices have two parts:

  1. A card slot overlay that is installed over the ATM’s card slot that copies your card’s information as you swipe or insert your card into the ATM.
  2. A small camera or keypad overlay that records your PIN. Once the crooks have enough information they will create a duplicate card and use it to steal money from your account.

How can you avoid being a victim of debit/ATM card skimming?

Image of skimming device -shieldyourpin.org

Check for signs of tampering: Look at the ATM and wiggle the card reader and PIN pad. Also, look to see if the card reader or PIN pad are different colors than the rest of the ATM, or if the logos and arrows on the ATM do not line up with the card reader or PIN pad. If any of the components seem loose or out of place, contact the owner of the ATM and use a different ATM.
Shield you PIN: One way to protect your card information is to use your hand to shield your PIN number from being recorded while you type it on the keypad. If the fraudsters do not have your PIN, they can’t access your cash.
Monitor your account activity: If you suspect there is fraudulent activity on your account report it to Members CU immediately. You will not be liable for fraudulent transactions on your account. Contact Members CU’s Card Services Department at 800-951-8000, ext. 268 to report fraudulent transactions. You will be asked to file a police report and fill out a form for Members CU. We will deactivate the compromised debit and ATM card, send you a new card and PIN, and reimburse you for money lost due to fraudulent transactions and withdrawals.

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