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It has come to our attention that there has been an increase in ATM and debit card fraud in the Lincoln County area. Therefore we want to remind our members to be alert when using their VISA Debit Card and to monitor their accounts for unusual transactions. If you suspect your MCU VISA Debit Card or ATM card has been compromised, please call our Card Services Department at 1-800-951-8000, ext. 268.
Our first priority is that your personal information is safe. Here are some tips to keep your VISA debit card from being compromised.

  • Always inspect an ATM before swiping your card. If something looks strange, do not use it and contact the owner of the ATM immediately.
  • Skimming devices can be hard to spot. Experts suggest putting your hand over the keypad every time you punch in your PIN to obstruct a hidden camera’s view of your PIN.
  • Do not let your debit card out of your sight when using it at retail stores and restaurants.
  • Continue to monitor your accounts for fraudulent charges or withdraws. The faster you notify Members CU about a problem, the quicker we can get your money back and prevent fraud from happening to you and other members.
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