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Recently we discovered that phone calls were made to MCU members from someone posing as an MCU representative. The fraudster spoofed our toll-free number and falsified the information transmitted to the caller ID to make it look like a legitimate phone call from MCU while disguising their true identity. The caller claimed to be part of MCU's fraud department. They asked for information that allowed them to access the member's account online and in some cases move money out of the member's account using P2P. In light of these recent events, we want to remind you:


  1. Members CU will never ask for your debit card or cash card number, or the PIN or CVV. If a fraudster obtains this information, they can use it to make purchases online.
  2. Members CU will never ask for your member number, account number, or social security information. This information can also be used to access your accounts or open up other accounts in your name.
  3. Members CU will never ask you to provide your password or secure access code to access your account using MEMCU Online and MEMCU Mobile.

Always monitor your accounts, and if you see any fraudulent transactions, please notify Members CU right away. Make sure you are using a unique login ID for your online and mobile accounts and create a secure password. If you are using your member number as your login ID, MCU recommends changing it to something more unique. If you have any concerns about your account, please call 800-951-8000.


Note: As a precaution, we have turned off P2P in Online and Mobile Banking.

Visit the FCC's Website for more info about Caller ID Spoofing.


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