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Pick up fantastic bargains in May and learn which purchases are best pushed off for now. Here’s what to buy and what to skip this month.  

Buy: Furniture 

Memorial Day sales have great prices on major home-related purchases. Look for new furniture like dinette sets, sofas and more at your favorite stores and online sites. 

Skip: Swimwear 

The sale cycle for swimwear is set by lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret. The company usually hosts a semi-annual sale each June, and competing retailers are quick to join. Hold out a bit before perfecting your beach look for the season and save a bundle!

Buy: Athletic apparel 

It’s time for cooler workout clothing, which means retailers will be slashing prices on leftover workout gear from the winter to make room for the new line. 

Skip: Home electronics

May is not the time to pick up new electronics. Laptops, gaming consoles and more always see their lowest prices in November during Black Friday sales. 

Buy: Spring apparel

Spring clothing gets steep discounts in May, so you can fill out your spring and summer wardrobe this month without busting your budget. Check for sales on your favorite retailers’ social media pages, websites, or by signing up for email and/or text alerts. 

Skip: Summer apparel

Leave the flip-flop and tank-top shopping for the July Fourth weekend, or even August, for truly bargain prices. 

Skip: Grills

Grills will be steeply discounted at the end of the summer during Labor Day sale events. If you must buy a new grill for this season, though, you can find them at slightly lowered prices during Memorial Day sales. 

Buy: Major home appliances

Pick up major home appliances for less during Memorial Day sale events. You can also replace or buy new small home appliances like coffee makers, blenders and more. Be sure to check out competing retailers before making a purchase to ensure you’re getting the best price on your appliance.

Skip: Outdoor furniture

With all the time spent outside in these warm-weather months, you’re likely itching to upgrade your patio furniture. But hold off on these buys until Labor Day weekend, when prices can be slashed by as much as 50%. 

Your Turn: Have you picked up any great bargain buys in May? Tell us about them in the comments. 

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