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Members Credit Union is pleased to announce that the MCU Cash Card usage fee has been eliminated for our membership effective November 1st. Before the elimination of this fee, members could use their MCU Cash Card at an ATM to withdraw funds only twice per month for free. Each withdrawal thereafter, within the calendar month, would incur a $1.50 usage fee. Now, with the elimination of this fee, members will never be charged by Members Credit Union, regardless of the number of times the MCU Cash Card is used at a non-MCU ATM. However, the owner of the ATM may still charge a surcharge fee, so we encourage you only to use surcharge-free ATMs, such as Cash Points ATMs, to ensure a free ATM withdrawal.

“As a not-for-profit financial cooperative we are always searching for ways to reduce fees and to give back to our membership,” stated Bob Donley, President, and CEO of Members Credit Union. “The credit union and its volunteer Board of Directors are pleased to be able to discontinue this fee and pass the savings back to our membership.”

Members Credit Union is dedicated to putting the needs of our members first. By eliminating this fee, our membership will save approximately $210,000 annually in ATM usage fees.

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