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Members CU has been planning, organizing and implementing a core system conversion since the first of 2012 that finalized over the weekend of September 28th to October 1st. Now that we are live on XP2, we know you will have questions and concerns. Here are some of the changes you will notice that have been made as a result of the conversion:

  1. MCU@Home has been upgraded. You can read more details about this upgrade here: Changes to MCU@Home
  2. The menu options have changed on Tell-Com, so please listen carefully for instructions and take note of the new Account & Loan Numbering.
  3. Deposit account and loan numbering has been changed. Read what the new financial product numbers are here: Account & Loan Numbering
  4. VISA Debit Cards will only authorize transactions if the balance in the checking account will cover the amount. If you would like to use your overdraft to insure the transaction is approved you will need to transfer money from your overdraft account to your checking account. Your checks and automatic drafts will clear as normal. You can transfer funds 24/7 using MCU@Home, our free online banking service.

Thank you for your patience during the conversion. We realize some of the changes will take some getting used to and we welcome your questions.

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