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Every year about this time, there is a distinct buzz around Members Credit Union. As the leaves in this part of North Carolina start turning beautiful hues of yellow, red, brown and orange, a palpable excitement fills the air. This energy has nothing to do with the moderation of temperatures or the peaceful views of piedmont vegetation, though. Members are receiving their Christmas Club checks! That’s right – it’s Christmas Club payout time! By the time you read this message, most of you have already received your Christmas Club checks/deposits. If not, they are on the way!
A Christmas Club account in my mind is special because of its simple purpose: it encourages members to use the power of payroll deduction to set and meet savings goals. Christmas Club savers know that if they set up automatic deductions from their paychecks on an ongoing basis, they will undoubtedly receive a handsome reward come November of the following year.
Take Suzie T. Member for example. If Suzie, who gets paid weekly, puts aside $20 out of each check into an MCU Christmas Club account, she will end up with $1,043.08 the following Christmas. It is easier than you think to do without $20/week, especially when it means the light at the end of the tunnel is a big stack of cash. That’s what our Christmas Club account does! Even small deposits, if made regularly, will yield major results!
Here is my challenge to you: set a specific savings goal for next year, and capitalize on the power of payroll deduction and your Members Credit Union Christmas Club account to help you reach that goal. Our branches are filled with experts that can help you through this planning process, so please take advantage of that knowledge base. As an added incentive, one lucky Christmas Clubber will win an Apple iPod Touch, one of the neatest gadgets I have ever seen, just for setting up his/her account! You can read more about this promotion on the next page.
Our goal as a credit union is to help members meet their financial objectives. If we can encourage members like you to systematically save money, we feel like we have succeeded in that mission.

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