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Driving home a new or pre-owned automobile can feel great! That new car scent – hmmmm. That overwhelming feeling of freedom – ahhhh. That pump-up-the-volume-because-I’m-going-to-sing-along-with-every-song-that-comes-on-the-radio-whether-I-know-the-words-or-not sensation – YEE HAW!
Without doubt, a positive vehicle purchase experience can put you on the proverbial Cloud 9. A bad deal, however, can bring that exhilaration to a screeching halt.
So what makes a great deal? Typically, there are three important things to look at: 1) the price you paid relative to the vehicle’s fair market value in your geographical region; 2) the interest rate on your loan; and 3) payment terms that fit your budget.
Planning, saving, and research can go a long way in minimizing the risk of a bad deal…or you could save yourself the hassle and take advantage of the tools that come along with your credit union membership. Our loan officers are trained to make sure you get a great deal. We can guide you on pricing, even what dealership to go to. Negotiating a fair price on your vehicle sets the groundwork for a successful purchase.
The key, however, is in the rate…
This is where Members Credit Union really comes through! With low loan rates on both new and pre-owned vehicles, you can end up with “Best in Show” financing to go along with your rock bottom low purchase price. Now you are well on your way to a great deal!
Last, you can take advantage of Members Credit Union’s outstanding loan terms. With repayment plans stretching as long as 84-months out, we can make your vehicle purchase fit into almost any budget. Want the comfort that comes with optional extended warranty and supplemental insurance coverage? We can make that happen, too! It is just our way of making this honey-roasted deal even sweeter.
We want you to take advantage of all the money saving benefits your membership entails. With our help, we know you will be humming Bobby McPherin’s Don’t Worry, Be Happy in your new vehicle – not moaning the blues.

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