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If you receive a check for your Christmas Club funds, you can expect to receive your check within 5-7 business days. Next year, you may want to consider having your Christmas Club funds deposited directly into your checking or regular savings for faster access to your funds.  Just let us know ahead of time. If you are saving using the convenience of payroll deduction, your Christmas Club account will remain open, and your very next deduction will be deposited for next year's holiday season.  If you want to increase our deduction, see your local credit union representative or branch office.
Want to open a Christmas Club Account?
Gifts, parties, and travel can bear a hefty price tag at the end of the year. Why not begin saving for your holiday expenses well ahead of time? You can open a Christmas Club Account with no initial deposit provided you start payroll deductions to make regular deposits. Otherwise, a $25 deposit is required. You can continue to automatically save throughout the year with payroll deduction or automatic draft. We will pay you dividends any month in which your average daily balance is $25 or more. During the first week of November, either Members CU will transfer funds to your Members CU Savings or Checking Account, or we will mail a check to your home address.
To open one of our savings club accounts, you must be a member. Find out about membership eligibility on our Join MCU page and join us. All you need to do is print out a Membership Application and take it to the nearest MCU branch location. Existing members may fill out a Subsequent Action form to open a savings club account. Call 1800-951-8000 (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) when you need assistance.

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