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In 1953, the hard-working employees of McLean Trucking Company grew tired of being abused by big banks. The traditional whipping boys of the banking industry, working class Americans had one of two options for their financial services: become the unwilling cash cows for bankers and their investors; or get shut out of the industry altogether. You see, banks are in business to make money – and lots of it. Helping the little guy meant profiting off the little guy. Not profiting off the little guy meant not serving the little guy at all.
McLean employees knew that they needed a third option. They knew that they needed to find a financial institution that would look out for the little guy – not look to destroy them financially. So they looked to themselves for the answer by organizing their own financial institution. Member owned, not-for-profit, and guided by a democratically elected, volunteer Board of Directors, this organization would seek to serve those needs not met by banks – and do so with it members’ best interests in mind. This not-for-profit financial cooperative is now your very own Members Credit Union.
Though a lot has changed in the past 55 years, one thing certainly has not. Members Credit Union still prides itself on looking out for the little guy. We still make small loans. We still offer low loan rates and high deposit returns. We still provide friendly, local service whether you have $1,000,000 on deposit with us or $25.00. When you call our offices, you get to talk to a real, live person – not some machine.
We offer as many services as humanly possible at no charge. That means checking accounts, savings accounts, membership, life savings insurance, MCU@Home, Tell-Com, eBill@MCU, your first box of checks, ATM withdrawals using a Visa Debit Card, MEMBERS Financial Services consultations, and many other great services are absolutely free to members. Those services that we cannot offer for free are available at the smallest charge that can be justified given their operating costs.
When you are approved for a loan with Members Credit Union, you always get our best rate. When you open a savings account, IRA, or certificate, you always get our best rate. No negotiating is required. No secret handshake. You don’t have to be the President’s second cousin. We treat all members as equals. That means the little guy gets the same treatment as our wealthiest of members. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.
Members Credit Union has never strayed from the path of doing what is right for members, even if that meant leaving millions of dollars in income on the table. We have never offered teaser rates or other misleading incentives to earn your business. Behind every decision to offer a new product or service to our membership is the sincere belief that our offering will save our members money.
We keep operating costs low. Sure, other banks and credit unions can claim more extravagant branches, richer executives, and splashier marketing. The way they choose to direct their expenditures is their business. Our approach is dictated by the simple realization that every expense we incur is money rightfully owned by our membership. It is our distinct duty to be as thrifty with these expenses as possible so we can continue to provide the most beneficial portfolio of financial products and services you will find anywhere. This means we build simple, yet convenient branches in as many locations as possible. This means we stock them full with employees whose passion is serving members, not serving themselves. This means that our most effective marketing tool is, and always will be, the recommendations satisfied members make to their co-workers, family, and friends.
You see, we look out for the little guy because we are the little guy. Even though we have grown to serve over 52,000 members with 19 branch locations, we have not changed our makeup, the type of employees we hire, or our mission. We are your safe haven from profiteering banks, economic hardship, and usurious fees. We are Members Credit Union, and we look forward to another 55 years of looking out for members like you.

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