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Send Money with Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Payments.

We've made splitting the bill and paying back mom and dad even easier with P2P payments!

In January, Members CU launched a free P2P service for MCU members only, available through MEMCU Online and MEMCU mobile. P2P allows you to pay anyone from your desktop or mobile device. Members with an MCU checking account and MCU Visa Debit Card who are enrolled in MEMCU Online or MEMCU Mobile can take advantage of this convenient service.

Send Money

  1. Sign in to MEMCU Online or MEMCU Mobile and click on Send Money (P2P).
  2. Register your MCU VISA Debit Card.
  3.  Once your debit card is registered you can send money through P2P by sending the recipient a text message or email.
  4. You will need to type in your debit card PIN to authorize the payment.
  5. When you send money, the funds will be transferred from your account immediately and placed in an MCU settlement account until the recipient retrieves their payment.

Receive Money

  1. The recipient doesn't have to be a member of MCU, but they do need to have a debit card and checking account to claim the funds.
  2.  As soon as the sender initiates the payment in P2P, the recipient will receive a text message or email notifying them that the sender has sent them money.
  3. To retrieve funds, the recipient will click on the secure link in the text message or email and follow the directions.
  4. First, they will be prompted to enter their debit card information to receive funds through their debit card.
  5. If the recipient's debit card does not allow P2P payments they can click the link to receive funds to a checking account and provide their checking account info.
  6. It can take up to 4 business days for the transaction to process once the recipient accepts the payment.

Now splitting the bill is easy with P2P and you don't have to wait until your next girls night out to pay your share.

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