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Tell-Com is another one of our Free 24/7 banking services that you can use to access your accounts. Since it is separate from our online and mobile banking service it can be a great back up if you don't have access to your computer or if online and mobile banking goes down. Here's how to use it:

Call 1-800-951-4808. Listen to the voice prompts and follow instructions.

Enter 1 for English
Enter 2 for Spanish
Enter 3 to verify funds
Enter your member number followed by #
Enter your access number (PIN) followed by # (call 800-951-8000 to set up your PIN if you are a first time user)
Enter 1 For account and loan inquiries
Enter 1 For account balances
Enter 2 For account history
Enter 3 For cleared checks
Enter 4 For loan inquiries
Enter 2 For payments, transfers withdrawals
Enter 1 For a loan payment
Enter 2 To make a transfer Enter 3 To make a check withdrawal
Enter 4 To select a different loan or saving or checking account
Enter 3 For other activities
Enter 1 To change the access code
Enter 3 To report a lost or stolen card

Account Codes for Tell-Com
Deposit Accounts:
1 Checking
10 Savings
20 Christmas Club
23 Super Sixty
25 Money Market
29 Custodian Account
34 Vacation Club
37 IRA Share Accounts
41 Regular Share Certificates
53 IRA Certificates

Loan Products:
121 Unsecured
140 VISA Credit Card
141 Line of Credit
142 VISA Debit Overdraft Line of Credit
150 Vehicle Loans
160 Land Loans, First Mortgages
170 Equity Lines

To get the most out of MCU's 24/7 products make sure you have your Tell-COM access set with a PIN you will remember before you need it.

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