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Click on the image to learn more about Holiday Spending habits. Click on the image to learn more about Holiday Spending habits.

Last week was packed full of retail holiday sales designed to motivate you to spend. Thanks to 24/7 internet access and email notifications, there were constant reminders about Black Friday, Cyber Money, and Tech Tuesday. Now more than ever it’s easier to act on the sales promotions and buy without going to the store, and that’s why it’s important for you to make a spending plan and stick to your budget.
Before you begin shopping you should look at your finances and decide how much you have to spend on parties, gifts and holiday spending.  Don’t get caught up in the sales madness and begin buying more than your budget will allow, otherwise you will start the New Year off with too much debt.  If you find yourself overwhelmed and under prepared this year, let this be your motivation to come up with a strategy for the 2015 Holiday Season.  Begin preparing now by saving money ahead of time with a Members CU Savings Account.
One of the most popular savings accounts for holiday spending is the Christmas Club Account.  The Christmas Club Savings Account makes it easy to save because you earn a dividend and in November, MCU will send you the money via check* or transfer it to another MCU account so you may begin your holiday shopping.
To find out more about Members CU’s accounts visit memcu.com/save.

*Must have at least $100 in your Christmas Club Account by November 1st, to have a check mailed to you.

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