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In the spirit of giving, MCU communities came together to celebrate the season of generosity, making a significant impact through the Holiday Heroes fundraiser that exceeded all expectations. With hearts full of compassion and a shared commitment to making a difference, employees and members rallied to raise over $12,000.00, spreading joy and hope to those in need.


A Festive Mission

The holiday fundraiser, aptly named "Holiday Heroes," was conceived with the vision of giving back to charitable organizations during the holiday season. Organized by a dedicated team of employees from Members Credit Union, the fundraiser aimed to provide essential support to charities within our communities.

Collaborative Efforts

The success of the fundraiser was made possible through the collaborative efforts of MCU employees across the state. Employees and members alike contributed ideas, efforts, and funds to ensure the fundraiser's success. From selling MCU 70-Year t-shirts and Tumblers to making monetary donations, the community demonstrated unwavering support for the causes.

A Testament to Generosity

The success of the Holiday Heroes fundraiser serves as a testament to the power of generosity and the strength of community spirit. In a time marked by challenges and uncertainties, the collective kindness and compassion displayed by employees and members reaffirm the importance of coming together to support one another.

Looking Ahead

As the holiday season drew to a close, the impact of the fundraiser, providing hope and assistance to those in need well into the New Year, has continued to be felt. The spirit of giving that permeated the fundraiser serves as a reminder of the enduring capacity for kindness and the potential for positive change when communities unite for a common cause.

In reflection, the Holiday Heroes fundraiser stands as a shining example of the transformative power of generosity, demonstrating that even in the darkest of times, the light of compassion can illuminate the way forward.



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Communities served:
Main Office - Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club *Pictured
Museum - Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club
Valdese- Mens Club/Bikes
Morganton- Men's Club/Bikes
Elkin - Mountain Valley Hospice
Greensboro- Green Team Helping Hands *Pictured
Hickory - Hickory Soup Kitchen
High Point- Dragon Fly House *Pictured
Hope Mills- Alms House
Lenoir- Robins Nest
Lincolnton- Amy's House of Lincoln County
Newton- Catawba County Homeless Vets *Pictured
Thomasville- Cancer Services Davidson County
WECU - Hunger Fighters    
Lumberton – Sharing & Caring Hands *Pictured


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